Robotics Workshop
  • Name :- Himanshu Rai.
  • Qualification :- Electronics and Communication Engineer.
  • Experience :- 2 years.


A Vision Guided Robot (VGR) System is basically a robot fitted with one or more cameras used as sensors to provide a secondary feedback signal to the robot controller to more accurately move to a variable target position. So students you can design and construct a basic robot with eyes which on advancement can be used for Quality control to automatic handling of materials. So join this workshop and have your own visobot.

Workshop Highlights :-

  • 1. Designing of Robot.
  • 2. How to use Actuators & Motors.
  • 3. Interfacing of External Peripherals.
  • 4. Use of Micro Controllers.
  • 5. Use of Mat Lab.
  • 6. Use of Image acquisition and Processing Tool .
  • 7. Use of USART Communication etc.
  • 8. Final Working and practical application of robot.
  • As attractions we have Free kits* and Certificates for all the Participants an well as we have Certificate of Honour for the winners of the competition held at the respected places.

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